(Time of Flight)

Healthcare and Elderly Care Solutions

Sensitive to the actions of the person being cared for, rather than monitoring.

Time of Flight (TOF) presents images resembling thermal sensing, blurring the physiological features of the person being cared for to protect their privacy.


Quickly identify events occurring in the scene to assist caregivers in responding promptly.

Save human resources

Using AI to replace manpower, there's no need to constantly stare at the screen for monitoring.

Reduce caregiver stress.

No longer being 'monitored' allows for greater focus on rest and recovery.

Make the structure simpler

The deployment at the site is complete with the replacement of surveillance cameras by ToF devices.

Application case

ToF is suitable for scenarios requiring privacy and quick response.

medical or elderly care

save manpower and software/hardware resources, quickly respond to the actions of those being cared for

Recommended camera

Sensitive area monitoring

In anonymous settings where protecting the identities of individuals present is crucial, ToF technology is well-suited to meet this need.

Recommended camera

Security protection

AI and behavior pattern detection enable more precise event judgment, providing early warnings to prevent incidents.

Recommended camera

Easy-to-integrate deployment

ToF devices are compatible with the LILIN ecosystem, suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

ToF Camera


The 3D ToF depth camera is the core device in a ToF environment and serves as the primary equipment for capturing images.

ToF server (optional)


A dedicated management server for medical care, with built-in healthcare management functions, suitable for use in control rooms.



In the control center, utilizing AI capabilities to analyze images and manage related events allows for intelligent retrieval of footage, eliminating the need to search through vast amounts of data to find key frames.


How does the ToF solution operate?

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