Green Commitment

Commitment to Sustainability

LILIN, driven by its motto of "innovation, progress, and excellence," is committed to becoming a green enterprise by producing eco-friendly products. Beyond excelling in industrial technology and capturing global market trends, LILIN prioritizes corporate social responsibility and the careful selection of key network monitoring components. Adhering to ISO14001 environmental management standards and EU RoHS hazardous substance norms, LILIN ensures the delivery of reliable network monitoring products. Recognizing the critical role of environmental symbiosis in sustainable growth, LILIN remains dedicated to protecting the planet and fulfilling its societal responsibilities.

ISO 14001:2015

By producing low-pollution, low-energy, and eco-friendly products, we control the entire production process. Through pollution prevention, waste reduction, hazardous substance minimization, and recyclable design, we fulfill our social responsibility and achieve sustainability.

Energy Conservation Measurements

We promote energy conservation by encouraging colleagues to turn off unused lights, air conditioners, and computers.

Factory-wide, we educate on setting air conditioners and fan speeds to low-energy modes and use sensor power supplies in public areas to reduce consumption.

Employees are also urged to use water based on actual needs, adjusting as necessary.


The EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

All LILIN, products have complied with the regulations with regard to the reuse, recycling, and final disposal of waste since August 13, 2012

Waste Management and Recycling of Resources

To manage waste effectively and use resources sustainably, LILIN prioritizes green product design with recyclable or decomposable components and avoids harmful materials. We control waste amounts, recycle resources, and ensure proper disposal. Each operation has a designated contact person, and we choose qualified waste removal companies for legal, environmentally compliant disposal to minimize environmental impact.

Statement of Conflict Minerals

The United States Congress has drafted “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” which asks the enterprise to disclose any information if the products or production line have used any conflict minerals, LILIN expects its suppliers to transition to Conflict Free Smelter Program (CFSP) and other industry validated conflict free smelters by requiring their existing smelters to undergo audits to achieve a similar conflict free status.

RoHS 2.0

As a leading provider of industrial networking equipment, LILIN continues to comply with the latest RoHS 2.0 directive requirements. The amended directive of Recast RoHS 2.0 Directive Annex II 2015/863/EU extends the scope of restrictions on the use of hazardous substances from six substances to ten substances. We continue to work with our suppliers to ensure that we will eliminate or reduce the use of the four added designated substances, DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP. At LILIN, we strike to manufacture green products and establish a complete green supply chain.


LILIN informs customers about Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in our products above 0.1% (w/w) and updates suppliers on REACH compliance, including the Candidate List and Annex XVII restrictions. We uphold a positive image by manufacturing green products and managing the entire process from supplier to customer. Certification updates are continuous based on ECHA website information.