MIT Smile
Secure Robust Superior Surveillance

Cybersecurity first.
Leveraging Taiwan's renowned manufacturing legacy, LILIN's solutions are trusted by global customers.

Pioneering in surveillance to earn the certification.

Embracing a spirit of technology and innovation, we deliver secure, reliable solutions through cutting-edge technology.

Commitment to quality

We take every aspect of product development seriously to ensure the final outcome exceeds expectations

Made in Taiwan

Not just 'Made in Taiwan', but award-winning Taiwanese products. Proudly manufactured in our Taiwanese factory.

Robust ecosystem of collaboration

Partnering with seasoned system installers and integrators for years, we're established as trusted industry allies

Have a look at our factory

International certifications and accolades acknowledge our excellence.

Not all "Made in Taiwan" products earn the MIT Smile certification.
We're trusted by international partners, actively seeks diverse certifications to meet various industry standards.

Global Partners
Satisfication Rate
Comprehensive Solutions

We provide a complete solution, covering everything from cameras and recorders to video management systems and peripherals, eliminating the need to source from multiple providers.

Designing products tailored to real-world needs in various scenarios

Each LILIN product is crafted based on invaluable customer feedback, ensuring that once in production, they are mature solutions ready for swift deployment

Cybersecurity First

Surveillance is about ensuring site security. LILIN products prioritize cybersecurity and safeguard privacy and confidentiality.

Approach to creativity

Tell us your demands, and we'll transform them into practical solutions.

Step 1


Step 2

Research & Design

Step 3

Test & Certificated

Step 4

Mass Production

One-stop solution

Covering everything from front-end cameras to back-end recording equipment and video management, all under one roof

Together, we thrive and become stronger

LILIN's product line demonstrates impressive vertical integration capabilities, enabling us to adapt to diverse scenarios and forge numerous cross-industry partnerships.

Embarking on a journey of innovation to sustainability vision,
from now on.

We believe in leveraging technology and design to advance environments and utilize surveillance positively. LILIN is not just a supplier of surveillance equipment but a leader in AI video solutions, working with partners to elevate the industry and carve out niche markets.