LILIN began its journey as a monitor manufacturer, with just three members in its early days back in 1980.

On the day the company was founded, the visionary founder jotted down a line in a notebook: "We create, we innovate," symbolizing their commitment to innovation, progress, and seizing market opportunities.

This phrase soon became the guiding motto of LILIN, encapsulating their dedication to continual growth and creativity.

During a time when the business environment was still conservative, LILIN distinguished itself by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.

A successful entrepreneur may not start as a leader in their field, but the ability to adapt, overcome challenges, and steadily resolve business difficulties is the most valuable core skill of Taiwanese enterprises.

In fact, LILIN initially focused on producing monitor brackets. Faced with the dilemma of a client backing out, the founder decided to turn the crisis into an opportunity by venturing into the entire surveillance ecosystem. They shifted their business model to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. This pivotal decision has influenced LILIN for over forty years and remains the cornerstone of their business model today.

As a result, LILIN has never feared new market challenges. We often proactively seek out market gaps and invest in cost-effective innovative technology research and development.

This "good habit" has guided LILIN through several industry transformations in the surveillance sector over the past few decades. Despite competitive pressures from industry giants, not only have we survived but we have also consistently led the market. LILIN's commitment to authentic Taiwanese manufacturing has earned us high trust in European and American markets as well.

LILIN was the first in the surveillance industry to obtain certification for the ONVIF open protocol as the sector moved into the internet era. Over the past few years, with video resolutions increasing and streaming technologies evolving rapidly, we have actively developed Smart H.265 encoding technology, which minimizes network bandwidth usage, and adopted HTML5 streaming modes to provide cross-platform solutions.

As for AI (Artificial Intelligence), LILIN began laying the groundwork several years before market demand emerged. Image recognition has always been the second core of the surveillance industry, and traditional methods may have limitations in practical applications.

Based on substantial customer feedback, LILIN decided to establish its own AI development team. This team handles everything from deep learning model development to object training and integration into camera applications, ensuring complete control over the process.

As of 2024, LILIN has successfully implemented AI surveillance applications in various fields, including technology enforcement sites in Taiwan and deployments within U.S. government agencies.

In terms of developer ecosystems, LILIN's AI framework offers a highly user-friendly development and integration environment. Users can seamlessly incorporate their own trained AI models and leverage open-source code to interface with various applications.

"We are rooted in Taiwan, thriving globally, and creating products that truly meet market demands."

"LILIN seldom imitates others, yet our pioneering spirit in fostering market prosperity never ceases," emphasized the founder.

Perhaps in another decade, the focal point of the surveillance market will shift to another theme, but LILIN will undoubtedly keep pace, as it has in the past, does now, and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance customer security frameworks through innovative, high-quality surveillance solutions and drive significant business growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue leading the global surveillance market as a frontrunner, harnessing the positive impact of surveillance equipment to create social value and sustain long-term corporate success.


MIT Smile Certified
MIT Smile represents Taiwan-made heritage, embodying both quality and excellent customer service capabilities.
Taiwan Excellence Award
IMU PTZ S8R5722MX25 was awarded.
World's first AI PTZ with tracking feature in 4K resolution.
AI Law-Enforcement
Smart recognition solutions implemented and deployed in public spaces.
H.265 Smart Encoding
Reducing image size while increasing transmission efficiency significantly lowers hardware construction costs in field deployments.
P-IRIS Smart Iris Control
Ensuring correct exposure for images while maintaining sufficient depth of field.
120 fps Camera
Introducing the UFG1122 IP camera, capable of capturing 120 frames per second at 1080P resolution.
Panoramic IP Camera
360° fisheye camera.
Touch NVR
LILIN launched the world’s first embedded 1080P NVR Touch series
Hybrid DVR
Introducing Taiwan's first Hybrid DVR, a versatile digital recording and playback system that supports both analog and digital interfaces simultaneously.
LILIN launched the world's first range of ONVIF-based IP Cameras.
First IP Camera
LILIN launched its first IP Fast Dome – PIH7625IP
First DVR
LILIN launched its first DVR – PDR1600
First Matrix
LILIN launched its first matrix – PIH-816
First B/W CCD Camera
LILIN launched its first B/W CCD camera – PIH-703
First B/W monitor
LILIN launched its first B/W monitor – PIH-09
LILIN was founded in New Taipei City, Taiwan