Stadium MK Enhances Safety and Efficiency with LILIN Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

A solution for large-scale venues

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Stadium MK is a modern sports venue located in the UK, hosting frequent events such as football matches and concerts, drawing large crowds and vehicles. To address significant security and management challenges, the StadiumMK management team decided to implement LILIN's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. 


Security Requirements
Ensuring that only authorised vehicles enter and exit the venue, preventing unauthorised access.
Operational Efficiency
Enhancing traffic flow efficiency by reducing manual vehicle inspections.


LILIN's ANPR system uses high-definition cameras to capture number plates, employing advanced recognition technology to analyse and record vehicle information in real-time. The system automatically matches plate data against a database, swiftly identifying authorised and unauthorised vehicles. Integrated seamlessly with Stadium MK's existing security infrastructure, the ANPR system provides real-time data and reporting capabilities.


  • Enhanced Security
    High accuracy of the system significantly reduced the risk of unauthorised vehicle access. Detailed information for each vehicle entering and exiting is recorded and archived for future reference.
  • Improved Efficiency
    Reduced vehicle processing times and decreased workload from manual inspections improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Increased User Satisfaction
    Visitors and staff expressed satisfaction with faster and more convenient traffic flows, benefiting from the convenience of high-tech solutions.

System Advantages

  • High-Precision Recognition
    ANPR system ensures accurate plate recognition under various weather conditions, ensuring stable operation.
  • Real-time Data Processing
    Immediate data processing and analysis capabilities, detailed reporting for quick decision-making by management.
  • Seamless Integration
    Seamless integration with Stadium MK's existing security management system enables comprehensive monitoring and management.
(Credit: ISJ)

"LILIN's license plate recognition system has enhanced Stadium MK's security and operational efficiency, improving visitor experience. This successful case underscores the significant potential of this technology in managing large-scale venues."

LILIN's entry into large-scale venues isn't new. With 40 years of integrated experience across countless vertical applications, LILIN stands as a cornerstone in managing large-scale venues.

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