LILIN Helps Top Retailer Build Solid Surveillance Framework

There are more than 10,000 convenience stores in Taiwan.

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Taiwan has the second highest density of convenience stores in the world. In densely populated urban areas, there is almost one store every ten square meters. Due to their diverse range of services, convenience stores in Taiwan offer a wide array of commercial activities and daily services, making them an indispensable part of daily life for Taiwanese people.

In urban hubs where the movement of people and goods is extremely frequent, robust security equipment is necessary to provide comprehensive surveillance. This not only deters potential criminals but also plays a crucial role in resolving transaction disputes and personnel errors. The added value of convenience stores is thus highlighted in their role of providing convenience and acting as a community watch.

LILIN, the first manufacturer certified by ONVIF, is the driving force behind the modern surveillance framework of convenience stores.

LILIN has never wavered in its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. As a result, when our solutions are introduced, we are typically mature products that can be quickly implemented to meet end-customer needs.

Taiwan's largest convenience store operator has chosen LILIN's solutions for its surveillance network, building an integrated security framework from front-end cameras to back-end servers.

Why choose LILIN? The main reasons are threefold:

1. Easy to integrate

LILIN provides comprehensive solutions, sparing system architects or integrators the need for piecemeal efforts or extensive project validation. With its products' high integration and pre-approval for various domestic and international certifications, LILIN exceeds market demands, instilling significant confidence in application operators.
(LILIN has passed Taiwan's several cybersecurity certifications.)

2. High Availability

Uninterrupted operation and every second count are crucial for achieving highly reliable systems. This is especially true for 24/7 operations like convenience store networks, where any disruption can have widespread impacts. Implementing zero-downtime updates and seamless deployments is essential to minimize potential risks.

Imagine if a top-tier convenience store told you, "Sorry, we're updating our surveillance system, so we'll be closed tonight." That would certainly be quite a setback.

LILIN has implemented remote operational management for surveillance equipment for years. Operational personnel can receive instant device notifications from remote locations, enabling quick decision-making. Automated mechanisms facilitate real-time control signal feedback, ensuring peace of mind even in unmanned environments.

(Try the app, it runs smoothly.)

3. Behavior Detection

For instance, when a customer leaves an item on a seat or when a chair goes missing, LILIN harnesses extensive customer feedback and on-site experience to deploy behavior detection and event judgment capabilities across its front-end and back-end equipment. This ensures seamless integration with surrounding devices via software and hardware outputs, empowering operators to respond promptly to these scenarios.
(Web UI of LILIN Camera)

...and the technical backup from LILIN.

Steve Hu, CIO of LILIN, remarked: "LILIN leads in terminal monitoring technology. Once customers realize our commitment to supporting them in critical technology and overall infrastructure, they can confidently focus on project delivery without undue concern over basic equipment maintenance."

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