LILIN Assists Mackay Hospital in Comprehensive Surveillance Upgrade

The introduction of AI has significantly boosted efficiency

Mackay Memorial Hospital, renowned as one of the leading medical institutions in the country, is dedicated to providing patients with the safest and most comfortable healthcare environment. Recently, Mackay Memorial Hospital collaborated with LILIN to successfully complete a comprehensive upgrade of the hospital's surveillance system. This upgrade encompassed both indoor and outdoor surveillance, significantly enhancing the efficiency of security management.

The project involved upgrading the surveillance system across the entire hospital campus, including the main lobby, corridors, patient rooms, parking areas, and entry points. LILIN's cameras are equipped with robust waterproof and vandal-resistant features, ensuring stable operation under various adverse weather and environmental conditions. This not only improves the reliability of the surveillance system but also reduces surveillance gaps caused by equipment failure.

Mackay Memorial Hospital has relied on LILIN's surveillance systems for many years, a trust built on a strong partnership and outstanding product performance. The primary focus of this recent upgrade was the introduction of the latest AI camera technology. These advanced cameras boast high-efficiency image processing and data analysis capabilities, enabling the management team to swiftly and accurately monitor hospital dynamics, thereby greatly enhancing management efficiency.

The upgraded surveillance system features advanced crowd detection functionality. This technology can monitor the movement of people within the hospital in real-time and provide the management team with data analytics reports on space utilization. With this data, the hospital can allocate resources more scientifically and optimize space usage, further improving the patient experience. For instance, the hospital can adjust the operating hours of different areas and allocate medical staff based on crowd density, preventing overcrowding or resource wastage.
In the hospital's parking areas, LILIN's license plate recognition technology plays a pivotal role. This system automatically identifies the license plate numbers of vehicles entering and exiting the premises, integrating seamlessly with the hospital's parking management system. This significantly enhances the operational efficiency of the parking facilities while reducing the need for manual oversight.
To ensure campus safety, the upgraded system includes enhanced features such as unattended object detection and restricted area alert functions. These capabilities promptly identify and report suspicious items left within the hospital grounds and issue alerts for unauthorized access to restricted areas.

This not only safeguards patients and medical staff but also elevates the overall security management of the hospital. In a medical environment, these features are particularly crucial as they effectively prevent potential security threats, ensuring the smooth operation of medical processes.
The highlight of this upgrade is the integration of AI cameras. These cameras perform efficient image processing and edge computing, reducing dependency on central servers. This streamlined surveillance architecture minimizes network bandwidth usage and hardware requirements, resulting in cost savings and improved system operational efficiency.
LILIN's AI cameras and intelligent surveillance system can further expand into various application scenarios in the future. For instance, by integrating with big data analytics, hospitals can predict peak periods of patient flow and prepare preemptive measures. Additionally, analyzing patient behavior data can optimize medical service processes.

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